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caleb's Updates (Maintenance Coordinator)

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1caleb's Updates (Maintenance Coordinator) Empty caleb's Updates (Maintenance Coordinator) on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:55 pm


So, just to start things off, this is where I'm putting all the pertinent updates I've been working on for each week. I'll try to be both regular and concise, and I will post my update every week with what's been done, and what is currently being dealt with.

Week of 10/11 - 10/17

-bought door closers, they are downstairs by the toolbox
-planning a meeting with Tony to talk about weatherization
-right now, the mice don't seem to be a problem, but I am in touch with Pest control, and they're supposed to call me back. Let me know on here please if you see any more mice.

-garden: on hold while weatherization happens first. Would like to go gathering leaves for mulching sometime soon. Also working on planning the fence matching grant.

That's it for now. Lotsa stuffs.

2caleb's Updates (Maintenance Coordinator) Empty Re: caleb's Updates (Maintenance Coordinator) on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:56 pm


also please feel free to respond to anything people put in their updates with questions or suggestions. that would be really helpful for me when I plan my weeks.


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